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Size-inclusivity can make or break a brand’s success. With the plus-size market on the rise, it's more important than ever for brands to embrace diversity, make bold moves, and drive real change.

Enter Fluffi. We’re the trailblazing agency bridging the gap between brands and the plus-size community. It’s our mission to educate companies on the importance of size-diversity and empower them to make a real impact.

We know that having a deep understanding of the plus-size consumer is key. That's why we offer speaking services and free resources to help your team understand the unique needs of this growing community. We'll also help your team confront fatphobia so you can foster a culture that translates to real change—and real success.

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A Leading Voice in
Size-Inclusive Fashion

At the forefront of the size-inclusive movement, founder Beth Hitchcock draws on her wealth of experience in the fashion industry as a model, stylist, and art director to deliver powerful speaking engagements. Her passion for size-inclusivity and firsthand knowledge of the plus-size market empowers fashion brands with invaluable insights on fatphobia, consumer behavior, and size-inclusive best practices.


Education Services

Connecting with Consumers

Beth's Connecting with Consumers educational program guides brands on authentic audience engagement across all touchpoints, including social media, e-commerce, events, and community partnerships. Through her expert insights and firsthand knowledge of the plus-size market, she helps your team understand the wants and needs of these consumers, build impactful connections, and foster a loyal customer base for sustainable growth.

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Speaking Engagements

Size-Inclusive Ambassador

As a Size-Inclusive Ambassador, Beth represents your brand at various engagements, delivering educational and inspirational talks on size-inclusive topics. With her captivating speaking style, Beth amplifies your message and establishes your brand as a leader in the industry.

Keynote Services

As a dynamic keynote speaker, Beth delves into the realms of overcoming fatphobia, understanding the plus-size market, and shaping the future of size-inclusivity. Her invaluable insights will leave your audience motivated, enlightened and empowered. Book Beth to unleash an unforgettable wave of motivation and transformation on your audience.

Panel Engagements

Looking for a size-inclusive expert to join your panel discussion? With 15+ years of experience, Beth brings deep insights to every conversation. Her fearless point of view leaves a lasting impact on audiences, emphasizing the importance of body diversity in fashion.


Unlock the Power of Inclusivity
with Our Evergreen Resources

Our evergreen articles on body diversity are the key to unlocking your brand's potential in the plus-size market. Dive into our resources and build inclusive campaigns that drive results. 

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Inclusive Education in Company Culture

Catalyzing Change: Why brands need to embrace body diversity from within. Understanding and embracing body diversity isn't merely about external messaging or fulfilling corporate social responsibility obligations; it starts from within the organization.

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Plus Size Terminology

Size-Inclusive conversation is still a relatively new concept when we consider that until recent years, society’s beauty standards predominantly revolved around a narrow range of body types. It is understandable that terms, words and descriptors are still easily misunderstood. These are some words, terminology and labels that are commonly used to discuss the inner workings of the plus-size community as a whole. 

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Key Qualities from the Plus-Size Community for Brands to Implement:

When envisioning fashion and its underlying connotations, terms like “exclusive” or “aspirational” often come to mind. However, the plus-size community is trailblazing a new narrative–one that fosters inclusivity and empowerment. They are carving out a safe space where people can unabashedly be themselves and proudly occupy space in an industry that has, for too long, marginalized them. As society becomes a more inclusive world these are some of the qualities that the plus size community has built their community on and something that we can all embrace for a better future.

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