Creating a size-inclusive future.

Fluffi offers expert size diversity consulting to brands seeking 
an equitable relationship with their curvy customers. We serve 
as a bridge between plus-size consumers and the brands that 
want to reach them.

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Beth Hitchcock, Founder
the intersection of

Business, Social Change and Size-Inclusivity

Fluffi is a size-inclusive brand consulting agency founded by fashion industry trailblazer Beth Hitchcock. As a model, stylist, and art director with a rich experience in the fashion industry, Beth is acutely aware of the challenges brands face breaking into the ever-growing plus-size market.

Forging a Path in Plus-Size Fashion

Beth’s professional journey started at the University of Cincinnati's DAAP program, a top-ranked design school where she studied and gained professional experience in end-to-end design. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design, Beth began her career in publishing with Condé Nast in New York City. Discovering a deep love for photo shoots, Beth quickly blossomed into a sought-after stylist and plus-size model. Working on high-level campaigns in multiple capacities, Beth began sharing her insights with industry titans, helping them connect with the plus-size market like never before.

Beth’s experience over the past 15 years in the industry inspired her to launch Fluffi, a consulting agency that sits at the dynamic intersection of business, social change, and size-inclusivity, guiding brands through the evolution they need to thrive in today’s plus-size industry. 

In working with leading brands, Fluffi helps clients expand their reach, 
increase their longevity, and connect with this rapidly growing 
$276 billion market segment.


Body Diversity Consulting

Fluffi brings authenticity, empathy, and expertise to the table.
We offer customized guidance to our clients based on where they are in their size-inclusive journey, providing them with the support they need to achieve their goals. We offer consulting in the following areas:

Education & Insights

We empower fashion brands to understand plus-size consumers through our Education & Insights services. With an empathy-centered approach to this new market, brands can move beyond outdated views and systems to make strategic, future-thinking decisions—and prioritize the bigger picture.

Design & Fit

Our Design & Fit services help fashion brands transform passé styles and fits into trend-focused, size-inclusive, and innovative designs. Our process empowers brands to create size-inclusive options that truly represent their brand's essence and make a lasting impact in the plus-size fashion industry.

Marketing & Strategy

We reject the status quo in favor 
of a consumer-first approach that resonates with diverse audiences, enabling brands to adapt quickly to a rapidly evolving market. With Fluffi's Marketing & Strategy services, brands create an empowered experience that celebrates and supports customers in an innovative and inclusive way.

Community Building & Outreach

Fluffi's Community Building & Outreach services help fashion brands move beyond a one-size-fits-all approach, so they can receive authentic invitations to plus-size community conversations. Informed by user insights, we craft strategies that speak directly to consumers, empowering brands with meaningful launches that generate real buzz.

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Size-Inclusivity Education

The road to size-inclusivity begins with education. That’s why we create resources on creating long-term success with the plus-size fashion community.

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Plus Size Terminology

Size-Inclusive conversation is still a relatively new concept when we consider that until recent years, society’s beauty standards predominantly revolved around a narrow range of body types. It is understandable that terms, words and descriptors are still easily misunderstood. These are some words, terminology and labels that are commonly used to discuss the inner workings of the plus-size community as a whole. 

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Key Qualities from the Plus-Size Community for Brands to Implement:

When envisioning fashion and its underlying connotations, terms like “exclusive” or “aspirational” often come to mind. However, the plus-size community is trailblazing a new narrative–one that fosters inclusivity and empowerment. They are carving out a safe space where people can unabashedly be themselves and proudly occupy space in an industry that has, for too long, marginalized them. As society becomes a more inclusive world these are some of the qualities that the plus size community has built their community on and something that we can all embrace for a better future.

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Shopping While Plus Size

Plus-size women have all received this well meaning advice from their smaller friends. But for women above a size 12, there’s an invisible labor that goes into putting together outfits that the fashion world would deem stylish. We can’t just pop into a Nordstrom or Zara and buy off the rack. We have to hunt down pieces online, spend extra money for shipping, and carefully study measurements to find things our friends can buy with ease. Shopping is easy and fun when you’re thin, but for those of us above a size 12, it's a whole different experience. It is time for brands to confront the harsh reality faced by plus-size shoppers–a frustrating experience that damages self-esteem and hinders the establishment of lasting brand relationships. By neglecting to offer bigger sizes in stores, brands not only hurt their customers but also undermine their own growth potential. ‍

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Community Events

We’re driving the size-inclusive conversation. Our community events provide a forum for industry leaders to come together, share insights, and create real change in the size-inclusive 
fashion world.

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Be Bold. Be You. Be Fluffi.

Ready to be embraced by the plus-size community, and get your share in this growing market segment?

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