Beth Hitchcock, Founder

Expert Guidance on the Road to Size-Inclusivity

It’s no longer a question of if brands should embrace size-inclusivity, but how.
To be successful, companies must meaningfully tap into this powerful market segment, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and inclusive industry.

Yet brands are faced with a variety of challenges, such as a lack of knowledge around plus-size consumers, inconsistent fit and sizing, and a lack of visibility within the plus-size community.

That’s where Fluffi comes in.

Our consulting services empower brands with in-depth market insights, 
size-inclusive design, cutting-edge marketing, and genuine community connections. When you work with us, you expand your company's reach by unlocking the potential of the booming size-inclusive market, cultivating equity, and forging long-term connections with your plus-size customers.

Unlock Your Brand's Potential in the Plus-Size Space 

We work with brands that want to make an impact on the rapidly growing plus-size industry. Whether your company’s size-inclusive campaigns are underperforming, or your team simply doesn't know where to start,  we can help you find your place in the plus-size community—so you can contribute to a size-inclusive future.


Our Services

Size-inclusivity demands a comprehensive approach. Fluffi provides all-encompassing solutions for your brand to excel in the plus-size market, from size-inclusive design practices to fostering genuine community connections.

Because we celebrate each brand’s uniqueness, we offer flexible, tailored services to address specific needs and goals within the size-inclusive journey. Whether you need our full-service process, or just one piece of the puzzle for now, we’ll guide your brand to success.

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Education & Insights

We create a company-wide Size Fluency Education curriculum, addressing common misunderstandings around the plus-size consumer and size-inclusion at large. We also provide team-specific education strategies and conduct 
cross-market research. By the end of this phase, your team will gain insight into the plus-size consumer's world, acquiring an in-depth understanding of both current and prospective customer expectations.

Education & Insights helps your team gain an empathetic perspective of this new market segment, leading to strategic decision-making and long-lasting impact.

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Design & Fit

Designing for plus-size consumers requires more nuance than scaling up standard sizes. That's why we guide your team through:

  1. Inclusive Design Development
  2. Grade Rule Development
  3. Fit Discovery

This three-step process helps brands create truly size-inclusive options that represent their core identity. Say goodbye to inconsistent fit and sizing, and hello to a brand that's trend-focused, size-inclusive forward, and innovating in the plus-size space. 

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Marketing & Strategy

With a consumer-first inclusion strategy, we ensure that your size-inclusive campaigns actually resonate with diverse audiences. Our marketing and strategy phase transforms your brand by creating visibility around your plus-size offerings. This includes creating and devising: 

  1. E-Commerce strategy
  2. Inclusive Campaigns and Social Media Strategy 
  3. Brand Language 
  4. Content Review 

We collaborate with your marketing and social media teams to develop powerful brand language and inclusive campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences—so your customers feel seen, represented and respected.

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Community Building & Outreach

To succeed in the size-inclusive market, you need authentic relationships with influencers and changemakers. We recognize the challenges fashion brands face when trying to connect with the plus-size community, so our three-step Community Building + Outreach process is designed to bridge this gap. We help your brand:

  1. Build strong relationships with influencers and partners.
  2. Craft strategic events that resonate with the community.
  3. Develop a powerful PR strategy to amplify your message.

We enable your brand to transition from a one-size-fits-all approach, where you're merely skimming the surface of the plus-size community, to a tailored, insights-driven strategy that generates real buzz.

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Building Authentic Connections with The Plus-Size Community

We empower brands to make strategic choices, foster a company culture that truly grasps the plus-size market, and drive big-picture actions for long-term growth. Through expert guidance and tailored support, we help brands transition from concept to completion—from intending to join the size-inclusive movement to building meaningful relationships with plus-size consumers that inspire long-term brand loyalty.

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Ready to take your brand's

size-inclusivity to the next level?

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